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update 10.2014

Pollution by F.Bertacche (1996)

Net Experience by F.Bertacche (2001)

Trek To Nowhere by F.Bertacche (2001)

Best of Jazz That Rocks by Mathias Claus (2001)

International Collaborations 2 by M.Thorpe (2001)

Aardvarks with F.Bertacche by F.Bertacche and J.Cohmer (2002)

I.M.C. Vol.III by F.Bertacche (2002)

CYBER FRIENDS by Peggy Morris (of Morris Code) (2002)[on 8/02/02's Top 10 Best Selling Jazz CDs]

Caldron of Joy by K.Whitlock (2002)

Funkdawgs "Release the Hounds" by B.Brewer (2002)

Funkdawgs "Fusion Hits!" by B.Brewer (2002)

FunkDawgs, Bone to Groove by B.Johnson (2002)

FunkDawgs, Jazz With a Bite by B.Johnson (2002)

Funk, the whole funk by B.Brewer (2002)

Solstice by B.Johnson (2002)

Ambient Earth by K.Whitlock (2003)

Groove Bank by B.Lawrence (2003)

Groove Bank Volume Two by B.Lawrence (2003)

i d I. D. by C.Eichman (2003)

N.I.V. Jazz Volume One by B.Lawrence (2003)

N.I.V. Jazz Volume Two by B.Lawrence (2003)

N.I.V. Jazz Volume Three by B.Lawrence (2003)

Funkdawgs, Fusion Hits (VOLII) by B.Brewer (2003)

Dawg Days by B.Johnson (2003)

Funkdawgs FD-6 by B.Lawrence (2003)

Radio Cuts by B.Lawrence (2003)

Borderless by The FunkDawgs (2003)

Shades Of Grey by C.M. (2003)

I.M.C. Vol. 4 by (2004)

One hour @ a time by Don McGinnis (2004)

Hidden Symmetry by Carl Eichman (2004/2006)

Blue Train Various Artists PTMF (2004)

Dawgma by Funkdawgs (2005)

Morsels by Bobby Brewer (2006)

Sock Monkey by Don McGinnis (2006)

Don't Bite,Jazz Fusion Unleashed by Funkdawgs (2006) Music Minus One Release

A Dawg's Life by Funkdawgs (2006)

Sojourn by Bill Cornish (2007)

Manifest Dei by Carl Eichman (2009)

Decalogy by Carl Eichman (2010)

Inner Visions by Bill Cornish (2010)

Dawgs Tracks by Funkdawgs (2011)

Lucid Dreams by Kyle Whitlock (2014)

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